TOM EDWARDS DESIGN - Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Cover Designer & Illustrator


Cover Design Process

My aim is to make the whole cover design experience a fun and professional process for you, the author. I pride myself on being punctual, professional and being able to deliver a cover that surpasses all expectations. Please find some of the author testimonials on the home page to get a sense of what it's like to work with me on your project.

The process begins with a brief. This can be detailed or simple and should include everything you'd like to see on the cover. After we've discussed and agreed on a price and timeframe, I send a deposit invoice. This is 25% of the total price. I also send a contract that we both sign. This protects you and me in relation to the cover usage and deadlines. After both are received, the cover art process can begin.

Stage 1 - The Rough

With the brief in mind, I make a start on the artwork. I produce one to three cover roughs. These will be rough designs that try to capture the main elements and mood of the cover. I send progress over after each session. The rough stage only takes around 1 - 3 working days depending on changes and additions. 

After this stage is complete and you're happy with the design, the cover art is 'locked-in'. This allows me to concentrate on the detailing stages without making any major changes to the artwork. Any big design changes after this could incur an additional fee, but this is always discussed beforehand.
Stage 2 - The Refinement

This phase is normally the longest, and it's where I work on detailing and progressing the artwork up to a high quality, almost final state. There are multiple sessions that are scheduled in. After each one, I send previews of the cover art to you, and we discuss possible changes and feedback.

This stage can take between 3 to 5 working days depending on changes. It may even take longer if the cover is complicated, but this will be factored in depending on the deadline.

After you're happy with the artwork we can move onto the final stages of the process.
Stage 3 - The Final

This is where I add any final touches and details to the artwork. It's normally the most satisfying part of the whole project for both me and you, as it really makes the artwork come to life. I also add the text and graphic design elements to the cover. This will depend on what you initially asked for, but can include logos and the blurb.

When you're completely happy with the cover I send the final invoice over. After this has been fulfilled, I send the final artwork in multiple formats. Generally, this is a high-resolution JPEG and flattened PSD. If we discussed any other formats, such as audiobooks and marketing materials, these will be sent over too.
The total time for cover art varies but as a rough guide, anywhere from 4-10 working days. Different factors will contribute to this, such as changes or detail amount required. A cover very rarely takes me more than 2 weeks.

If you have any questions regarding my process, please don't hesitate to contact me.