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Welcome to Tom Edwards Design. This is the home of my professional and personal artwork. I'm a freelance book cover artist, illustrator and concept artist from the UK. I strive to create the best quality illustrations available for clients big and small. 

I create one-of-a-kind, ​original covers for authors all over the world, no stock art is used. Science fiction and fantasy are my specialties, but I've worked on lots of different genres. If you'd like to work with me on your next project please send me an email or use the contact option at the top of the page. My email address is

Take a look at the testimonials from some of the biggest authors in sci-fi and fantasy below, and please take a look through my cover galleries to see the quality and breadth of my work.

Invest in a great cover and see your book rise in the charts. After all, the cover is the first thing a new reader will see. Give your book the best chance of being noticed and take pride in what you've created.
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Dorian Edgerly - "I couldn't be more pleased with the work of Tom Edwards. He has completed work on the cover for the first novel in my science fiction series and I plan on returning to him for each one going forward. Tom is professional, responsive, and listens to author feedback, delivering an eye-catching and cohesive product even with very little information regarding the story and universe. It is no wonder so many authors seek out this artist."

Laura Montgomery - "Tom Edwards prepared me a brilliant cover for the first book in my new series, and I'm planning to use him for my next book.  He is a cover designer who can capture the feel of a book through his artistry while at the same time providing all the graphic elements that make a cover commercially pop.  Just to top it off, he's a true professional, and a pleasure to work with--efficient and patient, both.  I love his work and enjoy working with him."

Anthony James"Tom Edwards has created the covers for my entire six-book Obsidian Fleet series. At first I was concerned about the step-up in price from my usual covers, but in reality, you get what you pay for and a book cover is the first thing a reader sees. If the art doesn’t catch a potential reader’s eye, they’ll skip straight over to the next book on the webpage. Tom’s art is up there with the best, increasing the chance a reader will give my books more than a split-second glance and from there go on to make a purchase. Tom’s work is top-notch, he’s professional, responsive and reliable. Highly recommended."

Ethan Proud - "Tom is great to work with, efficient, smooth, and quick! The whole process from the rough to final files only took two weeks. I am absolutely floored by the work he did and with only a brief description to work off of, he created a cover that matched the vision in my head and the theme of my book. Will definitely be going back for more covers. After putting countless hours into my book, Tom gave it the professional finish it needed. Whether traditionally or self-published, Tom's art will make you work stand out!"

Mike Dukk - "Working with Tom has been a fantastic journey. His work ethic is impeccable, and his ability to envision the images he creates is amazing.  When I approached Tom about designing the cover for my novel “The Legend of Steel-Maker,” Tom capably addressed my vision and surpassed my expectations.  I am one-thousand percent satisfied with the book cover."

C.C. Ekeke"I've used Tom Edwards for nine covers (and counting). Each time he translates my written project overviews into pieces of beautiful, high-quality artwork. Whenever I send a new project summary, the end results always surpass expectations. I've never had a cover artist visually articulately scenes from my books as expertly as Tom. He is extremely professional in how he collaborates with an author's vision, communicates fantastically if any aspect of the project overview isn't clear, and never fails to meets any deadlines. These are just a few of the reasons why Tom Edwards is the top sci-fi cover artist in the indie publishing business. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Ira Heinichen"Tom is the consummate professional. Not only is his artwork top-of-the-line, he is communicative and clear, he keeps his deadlines, and he both listens to the input I give him and offers his own insights as to what will work best. I've worked with Tom on three book covers, and he has exceeded my expectations each and every time. His ability to translate a written brief into a captivating image that tells a story and excites the reader is truly exceptional. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have worked with someone so talented and professional. I offer Tom the highest recommendation I can possibly think of."

Nick Webb"Who's the best SFF cover artist working today? Tom Edwards, hands down. At any given time you'll see his art all over the best sellers list, and for good reason: his art is stunning, eye-catching, and beautiful. After I've put hundreds of hours into writing a book I want only the most jaw-dropping art for my cover, and inevitably, it's Tom I turn to."

Jasper T. Scott "Tom Edwards is a masterful artist. The covers he makes actually inspire you to write a better book just so that the writing can live up to the artwork. And on the business side of things, he's just as good: fast, reliable, takes direction and sticks to a budget. Working with him is an experience I'll happily repeat for many years to come."

Nathan Hystad - Owner, Woodbridge Press - I've used Tom Edwards for five covers so far (more scheduled), and he has been nothing but professional, efficient, and just overall awesome. Initially, I thought of Tom as the SciFi cover guy, but I've had him make a fantasy and a YA Urban Fantasy cover now, and they are just as good as his other ones. He is up for any challenge and makes the whole custom cover process simple. I know that having a Tom Edwards cover gives my book a fighting chance out there, and they always grab attention. 

Ralph Kern  - "Tom is simply the best cover artist working in the business today. He has gained a reputation, and a following, for creating the most beautiful and eye-catching covers - Just what authors want, and what readers seek. Not only is his end-product excellent, but he is a pleasure to work with. He shows an amazing ability to not only translate briefs into exactly what is envisaged but also gives a cover designer mindset, to ensure it looks great on both screen and print."

Geoff North  - "Tom Edwards is an absolute joy to work with! I told him what I wanted, and he quickly delivered a breathtaking preliminary that barely required any second touch-ups. I am so proud to have his work representing mine, and will not hesitate to seek him out again for future covers."

Colin W Coyle, Parvus Press - "Tom Edwards is a stunning talent and an absolute joy to work with. He has a singular talent for translating our scene descriptions and story notes into a brilliant design that captures precisely the mood and messaging we want from cover art. For the cover art for Vick's Vultures, we ended up taking his first draft as final with only the slightest modifications. Best of all; he was in constant communication with us throughout the process and delivered final artwork ahead of schedule. If you need cover art, you need Tom Edwards."

Stephen Renneberg -"The single most important piece of advertising an author can have is a great book cover. For this reason, it’s worth going to the best in the business, which is Tom Edwards. He has an amazing talent for creating beautiful, evocative SFF art coupled with a highly professional, completely reliable approach, which makes it a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend Tom to any SFF author looking for dazzling artwork that will capture any reader’s attention."

Craig Martelle -"Tom has done six covers of six in my best-selling Free Trader series. I couldn't be happier with the perfect alignment between the covers and the story arc. It starts with a simple paragraph describing the scene, then Tom does the rest. I've had to make no changes to what Tom has created in his mind and put on paper. Tom delivers a quality product, on time, in all the formats I asked for. Tom makes it easy, giving me eye-popping art that draws readers to my books." 

M. Terry Green -"Superb artistry plus professionalism equals a great book cover. I can’t recommend Tom Edwards highly enough. My readers have been positively thrilled with Tom’s artwork. That, to me, is the ultimate measure of a cover’s success."